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About this port

Bar is the principal port of Montenegro. The Old Olive Tree, a symbol of the city of Bar, is the oldest tree in Europe (2.000 years, with a circumference of 10 m). In the old town, the ruins are one of the world’s largest fortified archaeological site. Visit the Bar Triconch Church, dating from the 6th century, the Palace of King Nikola located on the promenade. The type of vegetation that dominates the coastal part of Bar is maquis with oak, holm oak, laurel, myrtle. Be sure to go to the Lake Skadar (the biggest in the Balkans – 50 km wide). It is one of the largest bird reserves in Europe with 270 bird species, among which are some of the last pelicans in Europe.

Obala 13. jula bb, 85000 Bar, Montenegro
  +382 (0)30 317 786
  +382 (0)69 328-220
  +382 (0)30 315 166
  +382 (0)30 317 786
  VHF Channel 16
  Max length : 35 m
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